The Ñalá Difference

Ñala customizes travel experiences to authentic, traditional and innovative communities to inspire shifts toward sustainable healthy lifestyles. Our partnerships, products and services enhance the quality of life of travelers and the communities they visit.


A Word From the Founder

Why is ÑALÁ Travel’s Costa Rican Experience so Different from other Operators?



We seek to decentralize pressure and benefits

What many competitors promote as off-the-beaten-path Costa Rica is actually the beaten-path, or quickly becoming beaten as competitors continue to bring traveler after traveler to the same few “highlight” destinations. However, many pristine, locally and responsibly cared for destinations exist that few travelers visit. Additionally, many innovative projects and businesses exist that travelers rarely hear about or have the opportunity to discover.


We are passionate about our fresh inside perspective

With their eyes and ears in the country and their feet on the ground, Ñala Travel offers you opportunities to truly journey off the beaten path to experience the authentic essence of pura vida and the latest Costa Rican flavors.


Explore Costa Rica


Discover Costa Rica


We foster intercultural relationships

Ultimately we are a network of family businesses supporting other family businesses with strong family values. Our partners, suppliers, guests and clients are treated as part of that family.


So what makes Costa Rica an essential destination to explore?

The list is endless. Here are 4 of our favorite reasons:

1. Biodiversity

For non-Spanish speakers, Costa Rica means “Rich Coast”.  Here you can spend your morning reveling in fresh mountain air in the canopy of virgin cloud forest and your evening soaking in hot springs at the base of volcanos. You can be surfing the morning after.
The country is home to 6% of our total global biodiversity. An astonishing amount based on her size, ranking 125th largest out of the world’s 192 official countries.
Wildlife lovers can easily encounter birds, monkeys, crocodiles, caimans, sloths, snakes, sea turtles and many species you may have never heard of. Lucky ones encounter tapirs, ocelots or the resplendant Quetzal! The 5 major mountain ranges and approximately 60 volcanoes nurture dramatic microclimates,geography and ecological zones — aka endless playgrounds.
Get off the beaten path and you’ll discover indigenous and campesino communities who maintain their traditional ways of life.

2. Refreshment


Costa Rica is embraced by the sea, the Pacific to the west and the Caribbean to the east, and the abundant rivers, waterfalls, hot springs and crater lakes traversing the land means one is never far from healing waters. And since you’ll never be far from palm trees, a fresh coconut is almost always within arm’s reach.  Did we mention, surfers, that one of the longest breaking waves in the world can be caught in Pavones off the Osa Peninsula?


3. Inspiration + Innovation



The national mantra Pura Vida (pure life) can be interpreted in many ways. Each person expresses and embodies it uniquely. Yet by soaking into the culture here, we begin to sense and savor a common thread. From grass-roots conservation, permaculture, and creative economy  initiatives to government moves to abolish the military and become carbon neutral by 2021, every level of Costa Rican society offers visitors rich food for thought. For students or professionals looking to expand their awareness and build new skills, connecting with local people, businesses and organizations in Costa Rica can lead to exciting new paths. When ex discovered thourgh

4. Multisensual Satisfaction



Take it all in, and learn to let go. Breathe in the lush greenery and fresh mountain air. The coffee is always brewing. Ylang ylang and jasmine linger in the salty sea breeze. In this emerald paradise, the sounds of nature will  lull you to sleep, and awaken you from your slumber, beckoning you to journeys beyond your imagination.