Travel changes us. And in turn, we change the places we travel to.

Our travel experiences serve as more than our most treasured memories; they can and do inspire us to transform our ways of seeing and being. Ñalá Travel is here to inspire you to explore the road less traveled with your eyes, mind and heart wide open.


Costa Rica Invites Us to Rediscover the Essence of Being Alive

We invite you on journeys of discovery to destinations that promise to ignite your spirit of wonder and wanderlust. If you seek physical, nature-based experiences and authentic human connections in unforgettable destinations, we are eager to share our constantly expanding expertise and love for Costa Rica with you.

Travel has served historically as the great bridge between people across cultures. Ñalá Travel is committed to celebrating and sharing local visions and voices, and to enriching the communities that generously share their stories, traditions and homes. We want you to taste the real Costa Rica. And we want future generations to share that joy, too.



Dive in and experience Costa Rica beyond the beaten path

Explore a few of Ñalá Travel’s favorite Costa Rican experiences now. You might be excited by what you find.

Along the Costa Rican and Panamanian border, where sparkling rivers flow through forests brimming with chocolate trees and tropical fruits, an indigenous cooperative transcends time. Discover people that at once honor ancient traditions and raise the bar on sustainable living. If you dream of truly getting away from it all, look no further.

High in the mountains overlooking the Pacific, just below the Valley of Silence, discover an innovative community bubbling over with creative sustainable initiatives. If you’re into food, farming and fascinating people, this is your destination. A perfect place for voluntourism and service learning programs.


The ascent to the tiny pueblo Quebrada Arroyo is a foreshadow of the adventures ahead – you must take your pick between an uphill winding path only fit for a 4×4 or traversing a river in a metal basket. Here you can rappel down waterfalls and off of hanging bridges, hike for hours scouting out magnificent flora and fauna, and indulge in delicious local cuisine.

What other travellers say about Ñalá

  • Traveling through Costa with Julia is a bit like ... well learning to surf.  It takes a bit of understanding and a certain amount of effort and trust to get the full benefits from this adventure. From the moment I arrived, I felt as if the “real” Costa Rica was at my fingertips. I was able to dive in, experience local flavors, and make new acquaintances in San Jose, Santa Teresa, and Puerto Viejo. Throughout the vacation, I knew that I would not miss a single opportunity to smile, to learn, and be to in awe of nature and local customs. Costa Rica sells itself as a picturesque, lush paradise; Julia brings it alive and makes it tangible.  
    Jasmine, Seoul, KoreaDecember, 2013
  • Tropical forests and flowers, volcanoes, thermal springs, indigenous people, delicious foods, panoramic views, quiet beaches, incredible animals (rescued and wild), chocolate and coffee...I experienced all this and more in just a week in beautiful Costa Rica. With the promise of so much more to see and enjoy, of course I will return to this beautiful country. And I will rely on Ñalá again to put together another incredible itinerary.    
    Jacqueline, Michigan, U.S.A.April, 2014
  • What an incredible week in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. “You only know if you go!” How often my ventures into new countries—I’ve now visited over 50—have reflected revealing of the previously unknown. I loved every minute of my adventure: hiking the trails through dense rain forests and witnessing gorgeous streams and waterfalls; rushing down the Pacuare River in a raft and enjoying the thrill of the white water rapids; enjoying the beauty of the water and beaches at Puerto Viejo; seeing a beautiful toucan in the early morning rain; and walking the reforested forest with the leader of an indigenous tribe. In my 51 years of international travel, I haven’t visited a country with this diversity of topography and culture!
    James, Michigan, U.S.A.December, 2012
  • We had such an awesome time!  The best part was our 3 days at Tabacon with all the things that we did and saw.  Plus the thermal springs were so relaxing after both the Volcano hike and the Hanging Bridges tour.  But the Cano Negro trip...that was the highlight.  We had an excellent guide who took the boat right up to caimans and iguanas and face to face with a sloth!  Lots of monkeys too and birds, birds, birds! Thank you so much for all your help.  I'm sure we would not have had nearly as great a time, nor known where to go or all the things to do. We are still so sorry we didn't get to meet up with you.
    Nancy, Pennsylvania, USAJanuary, 2014

Custom Travel Packages

Explore Costa Rica

We are passionate about designing unique itineraries that fulfill a full range of travel styles and budgets, specializing in nature-based learning, adventure and wellness experiences for individuals and small groups. Tell us about your dreams, your personal and group needs, and we’ll help you bring your dreams to life.

Meet New Communities


Years after you visit a place, what do you remember? Often it is the people, or the moments when you truly felt you were somewhere unlike anyplace you’d ever witnessed. Ñalá helps you get off the beaten path to engage with people devoted to preserving the abundant nature and peaceful customs that make Costa Rica unforgettable.

Upcoming Retreats

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Several times per year Ñalá goes all out, and hand-crafts and hosts experiences for small groups interested in exploring Costa Rica with specific interests or causes at the heart of their journeys. This year we’re getting into chocolate and coffee, yoga and adventure, arts and nature-based education. Join us!

Discover More With Ñalá

Ñalá means the way, path or trail in the Bribrí language. Our way intentionally celebrates historical Costa Rican traditions, as well as the phenomenal, often multi-cultural, innovative experiences flourishing throughout the country.

Ñalá Travel works with a Costa Rican travel operator founded by and for rural and indigenous communities that directly conserve biodiversity and support local livelihoods as well as a boutique travel operator led by savvy Costa Ricans who travel avidly, and who have their fingers directly on the pulse of what’s new and fresh. These strategic partnerships offer travelers experiences they would be unable to plan using guide books or the internet, alone.

We believe in the transformative potential of travel, in its’ ability to inspire positive change in individuals, and society at large. Ñalá introduces travelers to the people and places that transformed our own lives, in hopes of delivering the experience of a lifetime to each and every traveler.


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